About Us

Who are we?

True North Screen Printing is located in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia right on 2040 Clark Drive (Thats 3 blocks away from Commercial Broadway). We specialize in producing awesome screen printing, embroidery, and laser cutting.

So why choose us?

If you’re a screenprinting enthusiast and want to ensure that you’re getting the best, you can check out our SHOP SPECIFICS page for info about the specific top of the line equipment we use. If you’re not familiar with screenprinting and the words "M&R I-Image ST CTS" or J"apanese made Murakami S-mesh" mean nothing to you, here are our easy to understand advantages.

Premium suppliers. 

Want to use the same brand that Supreme uses for it’s crewnecks? We’ll get you that crewneck with the best possible print. Are you a huge AS Colour fan? We use them a ton. Environmentally conscious? How about Jerico, a company who manufactures in Canada who has certified sustainable Bamboo T shirts.

Premium machines.

For more info on our machines visit the SHOP SPECIFICS page. The short version? We’ve bought every advancement avaliable in the industry. We have an automatic press that can print 12 different colours at once. We have a press specifically for neck labelling. We can fold, bag and tag your garments so that by the time the product is in your hands, all you have to do is ship it!

Incredible staff.

Our staff have been at screenprinting for a combined 30+ years, and doing embroidery for even longer. We’ve seen everything come through this shop and there was never a challenge we couldn’t meet. Want gold foil? Done. Puff printing? No problem. Picture embroidery? Just choose your thread colours.

If you've made it this far you must be interested in having something printed. Feel free to check out our Product Page to see prices, or Contact us!

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