About Us

Who are we?

True North Screen Printing is located At 8932 Oak Street in Vancouver. We specialize in producing premium garments. We've been around almost 20 years, so we gotta be doing something right! 

So why choose us?

If you want to collaborate with a print shop to create the best possible products for your project, far out man!   We work with small and large companies to make sharp, clean products that make you look like you have a monacle behind your other monacle.  Let us help you look better. Not like, your... like face... The merch! Hey look at that dogs fluffy tail *skitters away* 

Premium suppliers. 

Want to use the same brand that Supreme uses for it’s crewnecks? We've got one even Supreme-er!  Are you a huge AS Colour fan? Every employee here has a AS logo tattooed on their face!  Environmentally conscious? How about Jerico, a company who manufactures in Canada who has certified sustainable bamboo T shirts that are really soft.  Point is we got it. Just ask. 

Premium machines.

You dont care , but we do. We have industry leading equipment, years of experience and the attention to detail that is required to excel in this industry. 

Incredible staff.

Were here to help. We dont take on every client, but the ones that work with us are happy they do. Let us collaborate with you. 

If you've made it this far you must be interested in having something made. Feel free to check out our Product Page to see prices, or Contact us

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