January 06, 2014

Welcome to True North Screen Printing! 

We are a Vancouver based screen printing shop that offers a diverse creative opportunity. We offer top quality workmanship, at reasonable pricing.  We can help you with every step along the way.  You can purchase packages and gifts from our  SHOP , or CONTACT us for bulk order information. 

Have a look around and if you need to speak with someone feel free to call the shop! 604-874-8337

New Year, New..... Year?

Hello friends! 

2014 is upon us and what great prospect and excitement it brings!  At True North we have lots of exciting plans, and we cannot wait to share them with us!  What are these mysterious changes you ask? Well gather 'round and we will give you a sneak peek into the future of our company!


We are excited about;

  • Exclusive Canadian produced garment packages that will KEEP YOUR MONEY IN CANADA! Amazing! Whats the best part? They aren't THAT much more!  We are dedicated to providing the option to use sustainably produced Canadian made clothing, as affordable as we can make it. With a name like True North.... this should come with little surprise :) 
  • Reverse bidding system to ensure you pay exactly what you can afford for your projects. Sure there will be some low ballers and insulting bids but for people who know what they can afford it would be useful to say "I want to pay 300$ for 50 shirts with this graphic. Thats all I can afford" If we can meet the deadline and effectively meet the bid we will produce them. This will be a game changer :)
  • Providing packages for various events, sports, parties and so on to make ordering products easier, and more affordable.  For example Stag/Staggette packages. Since we have so much capability in house, it would be handy to order the "Rock Star" package for however many people are in your party, which includes T shirt, Hat, Koozie, custom engraved flasks, and stickers for an all inclusive price of only 69.99$ each. Right?! 

Thats it for now...  Keep in touch, and well see you all in 2014!