November 07, 2013

Welcome to True North Screen Printing! 

We are a Vancouver based screen printing shop that offers a diverse creative opportunity. We offer top quality workmanship, at reasonable pricing.  We can help you with every step along the way.  You can purchase packages and gifts from our  SHOP , or CONTACT us for bulk order information. 

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To Cheap out on shirts.. or not cheap out... That is the question...

So you want to buy some shirts. Perfect! We print a metric ton of them every year{We're Canadian EH!}  We can get your image on the shirts without a doubt. That part is easy. There is a burning question that looms before most orders... Should I get the cheapest possible shirt? 


The answer... Is sometimes. Do you care if someone will actually wear the shirt? Is it for an event where the lifespan of the T-shirt is all of 4 hours? How a shirt feels and fits will determine how and how often an end user wears it. 


I love how this shirt fits this woman above. I think it makes her look like a mall rat from the early 90's. Boxy, loose, awkward and unflattering. I do not foresee this woman wearing this shirt out to anything except to go buy a hungover bucket of Ben and Jerry's at the closest 7-11 on sunday morning.  Which may be ok! If you expect very little wear from a promotional t shirt, then this is a bonus! 


If you want the t shirt to become a staple in someones wardrobe, think about spending a little more up front. The T shirt is a walking billboard. A method of advertising that is unrivalled. Bands use them to spread the word. Businesses use them to get their branding out into public. The chance of this happening if you buy a $3.00 Delta cotton shirt is slim to none. The shirts do not flatter, they do not flit well, and they are not soft. The end user has shirts in their closet that are nicer to compare yours to, and he or she will not settle for sub par fit/feel/weight/appeal. 


The shirt below is a fan favourite. The American Apparel TR401. The nicest softest shirt lots of our clients have ever worn. 


We recommend a few styles of shirts that are well received, and have a proven success rate with some of our bigger clients. Alstyles offer a great bang for your buck. American Apparel are more expensive but are loved all over the world. If you need help deciding, CONTACT  US and we would be glad to give you our professional opinions. It may come as a surprise, but we will not always recommend the most expensive shirt. We will recommend the shirt that best fits your project . See what we did there? Fits.... Ha! 




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