"One Hit Wonder™" T-Shirts. $5.50 each

Everyone loves a great deal! 5.50$ per shirt! What a steal!


Get a one hit wonder shirt package! What do we mean "One Hit Wonder?" Well we're not talking about The Baha Men here... We're talking Print Methods. In printing, one hit refers to one swipe of the squeegee. On light colours the print is bright, bold and crisp. On dark shirt coloursthe print is still crisp but has a little bit of a vintage feel to it. A really cool effect. 


Who wants a tip? Ok! You at the back! No, not you, You There!  The tip is to print on a heathered grey fabric , with a lighter shade of grey. the result is a soft print, which looks well loved and worn in. This works well with any complimentary colours. 


Get 50 basic tee shirts (Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, etc.) in one of 33 colours, in any combination of sizes you should desire. All setups and films are included in the price. 

Fine print! Cmon... You knew it was coming... Don't worry,  its not too bad! 

* Image size must fit into 13x18" sheet. 

* Artwork must be print ready! If Y'all gonna be sending us GIF's you ripped off the web with 8 colours in it, at 72dpi we gonna be all like "Hey, Guy, Cmon..." Get your cousin who is a "Graphic Designer" to send a .PSD, .AI or .PDF to us. 

*Sizes must fit into SM-XL. XXXXXXXXXL Shirts *Gasp* cost more to produce! Therefore they cost you more as the end user. You can get bigger sizes,  just be prepared to pay more. 

*If your image needs work we can do it. For an extra charge. Fair is fair. We are not going to overcharge. We will however get your image ready to print,  And you can keep it! Just ask us if you're not sure :) 

Once you have placed your order, please fill out our form below and email it back to us! 



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