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Well it's about time that we offered another special! Our "One Hit Wonder" package was amazingly successful. It introduced us to new clients, and helped them get their feet wet in the exciting world of screen printing! We are proud to announce the "Two Hit Wonder"! 


Working on the same platform, this package offers two colours screen printed onto our basic tees. The colours are printed "Wet on Wet", meaning they are not Flashed in between prints. Much like the One Hit Wonder the prints are meant to be soft, and while still visible they won't overlap. Reds will be dark burgundy, and white will be vintage-esque. 


This will open to the doors of creativity! We have always felt that two colour prints pop so much more than a single colour... It also opens the doors for beautiful Greyscale images. Think B+W Photos. There is a nice example of this in the pictures. 


This package is unbeatable for a two colour print on 50 basic tees! Even if you have no idea how to setup artwork, we can still help. Our skilled professionals can help get your ideas onto tees, all you have to do is ask! Yes there is a charge for artwork, but you get to keep the final files, and we will make your artwork look better on the shirts. This is what we do after all! 


You can choose popular brands like Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, M&O, and a few others. Quality Products, with Quality Printing! 


Fine print! It is inevitable that a deal this good has a few ;) 

  • Image must fit on a 11x17" sheet
  • We recommend Butt Registration. {The colours don't overlap) 
  • Artwork must be print ready! This can be tricky with two colours, but we need this.... .PSD file  at 300 DPI with a transparent background, and only two layers, one for each colour you want to print. Thats it! Easy! Don't know how to do this? Thats ok, we can help. Email us after ordering and tell us  "I need artwork help"  and we can separate the files for you, it will cost a small fee of 25$ that will be added to your bill however. 
  • 50 Shirts total. Sizes must fit into SM-XL. Quintuple Extra Large Shirts *Gasp* cost more to produce! Therefore they cost you more as the end user. You can get bigger sizes,  just be prepared to pay more. You can tell us the sizes you need in the comments of the order form. Also let us know what colour of shirt you want, or you get Fluorescent Orange ;) 


Thats it! If you have any questions don't hesitate to Contact Us! 

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