The Premier




We're really creative. 

Need help to create a brand? How about a better hat design? 

We. Got. You. 

This is what we do! Almost 20 years old. Wow time flies! 

We're attentive. 

Look, we care about the products we create. We know your vibe. We can help you be better at branding. Try us, 

Not s#!tty. 

We dont hustle people. We stand by our work, and we are no bull. 

Witty as all get out. 

I mean this one does nothing for your product. It is fun to work with us, I guess. We're cool. No really. We always get invited to, like a lot of parties. All the time. 

Good. At. merch. 

Hey you don't survive in this industry printing rough, crooked, easily washed out prints. We learnt how to not do that in the first few years! Why risk it on your project. 

If not , were ok too. 

Were always busy. If you dont want to print with us thats cool too! Thanks for stopping by, we'll be here if you need.  If you decide to give us a try hey great cool yay! 

Shall we give it a go? Let us know how we can help.

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