About Us

True North Screen Printing is a business located in Vancouver British Columbia that specializes in screen printing, embroidery, and laser cutting. More specifically we offer basic prints all the way up tagged, bagged, folded and retail ready orders. We will even drop ship them to your clients. Our orders can be from 50 pieces, to tens of thousands of garments. We are able to do this because of our top of the line tools. 

We print on top quality, world class equipment. The centre of our shop is our 12 colour M&R Challenger IIID World Record holding press. This press holds the 2010 world record for printing in one hour. 1909 prints! Check it out here... That is actually the press we print your shirts on! (Albeit not at quite that pace;) For manual printing we use an 8 colour M&R Chameleon loaded with side clamps so our registration systems work with this press as well. 

We use high quality, Japanese made Murakami S-mesh in our screens.  High quality mesh is stronger, has more open area for brighter, softer prints, and allows us to stretch it to optimum tension levels. We stretch screens in house on our Newman Roller Master.  This ensures that we have extremely accurate mesh tensions. We can print incredibly detailed prints because of this. Sure you can print through handmade, or low tension screens... but this is a very precise process. To get the best images, you have to use the best tools. 

To get the images onto our nicely tensioned screens we have the industry leading M&R I-Image ST CTS {Computer to Screen} system. This allows us to eliminate virtually all of the problems associated with the archaic method of film and vacuum films. There is no where for light to creep on our halftone dots and ruin them, allowing us to print with unimaginable detail. Not to mention faster setup times, which mean faster turnarounds on our orders. 

We also use phthalate free inks, and because of the aforementioned CTS machine, we do not produce a piece of plastic for every colour in a design that we print.  Every shop that uses films, produces an insane amount of garbage that most likely ends up in the trash. We simply eliminate the need, therefore save thousands of films every year. 

We also use a M&R Tri Light ST exposure unit. This is a very powerful bulb that burns precise detail into our screens. This offers us the ability to hold an amazing amount of detail in our printing. As you can see we are a shop that prides itself on its equipment.  You can't build faberge eggs with hammers. I just came up with that... Thats good. 

We also have a shop dog, Abigail. She is a dachshund who is 7.5 years old. She enjoys sleeping on our office managers chair, and short walks on the beach. She also runs in the Hastings Weiner Dog races every year as Lambourg-Weeni. She doesn't win. But that name.... 


If you have made it this far you must be interested in having something printed. Feel free to Contact us!