Artwork Requirements

Need help? No problem! Follow the guidelines below to avoid delays :) 


We require all files to be in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.(Ok if you use Corel you're weird but well take it...) Adobe Photoshop files must be at least 300 dpi and must contain the layers. If done in illustrator text MUST BE  converted to outlines. ARTWORK HAS TO BE SORTED OUT PRIOR TO ORDERING. We do adjust artwork, but there will be artwork costs involved. Our graphic designer charges *GASP* 75$ per hour to fix your artwork.  Acceptable file extensions: ai (Adobe Illustrator), .pdf(Portable Document Format), .eps , .psd, and .tif . The better quality we put in, the better we get out. Check out this Process print we did. The Artwork was amazing to start. 



STEP 1: Open your Adobe Illustrator Document

STEP 2: Select all fonts on your file. Right click and select Create Outlines.

When you select your font(s) again they will look like this after they have been outlined.

STEP 3: You have now outlined your font. 


Artwork must be sized. Please don't send artwork unless you have determined the actual print size you want. We can print up to 20"x28",but there is costs involved in a print that large. A standard sized front image is between 10-12" across. IF you require your artwork to be say.... 13.75" across, please send us an appropriate file that has the artwork 13.75" across. Seems simple right? You'd be surprised how many 79" wide graphics we get :/ {In Illustrator use Pathfinder to set the width of the artwork)
Scaling artwork for different shirt sizes is not an option unless you're ordering thousands of shirts, or your rich uncle Tony left you lots of money. Each different size of graphic needs new screens setup. Don't worry most clients of ours find a happy medium and find a graphic size that fits on all of the sizes they are printing.  These graphics below are the same size! I know right?! Mind Blowing! 
Of course if you have questions, please feel free to ask our designer, his email is