Need a Quote on T shirts?

The cost of the shirts will depend on a few factors...

-How many colours are in your print? {More colours in screen printing, mean more setups and more cost to you}

-How many garments do you want to print? {The more the merrier! Screen printing is a quantity based pricing system.}

-What quality of tee would you like? {Cheap tees are good, but don't expect them to be worn as much as a premium soft fashion fit T Shirt. If you intend to sell the shirts, maybe step up to our intermediate tees. Ask us for help:)

-How many places on the shirts do you want graphics printed? {If we are putting graphics on front, back, sleeves, inside neck, and the ever popular bum, the cost will be more than if only one location is printed}

There are plenty more things at play, but this is a good start :)