Twill Zip Up Fine Print

Twill Zip Up Hoody Fine Print....


Its not so bad! 

Just keep in mind that 

a) The longer your word or phrase, the smaller the overall height of your twill will be. You don't want to go too small, and neither do we. Keep it under 10 letters for the best result.  ("True North" is 9 letters, and you can see how it turned out. Smashingly ;)


b) The Zipper needs to come between half of your word. I know, its hard. But its for the best!  Even numbered words split easier, so try to go with those.  If you must go with a word with an odd number of letters in it, We will split it as best we can, and line it up perfectly. Just look at the example photo, True North looks normal, even though there is an odd amount of letters. 


c) Do you really wan't your boyfriends name written across your chest sweetheart?... We think it may come off as a bit clingy...  


d) Some of the twill is in stock, some of it is around 3-4 days away. If you need these ASAP, please let us know and we will communicate a realistic timeline based on our workload and how much we like your phrase. ;) There may be an alternative that is in stock that we can use to get them out faster. 


e)2 XL hoods cost more. 4.99 more to be exact.


f) We cannot cover everything in here. Thats why this next text is red... Contact Us should this clever page leave you wanting more....    



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